Laila Al-Madhagi contributed the following notes gathered during an installation of the DEMETER package for MacPorts.

Additional notes on installing the MacPorts package

  1. Install Xcode and Xcode Command Line Tools: If using the latest operating system, then you will find Xcode in the “App Store”. If using an older operating system, you will find Xcode and the Command Line Tools from the Mac Developer website

  2. Open Terminal and agree to Xcode license by typing

    xcodebuild --licence
  3. Install MacPorts for your version of Mac OS X from MacPorts website

  4. Open Terminal and type in:

    sudo port install xorg-server demeter

    My operating system is El Capitan (Mac OS X 10.11.1) and it took me a long time to install DEMETER because MacPorts automated builder for El Capitan was not ready at the time of installation; hence, it took longer time to install Demeter.

  5. Launch ATHENA by typing Athena in Terminal. Do the same for ARTEMIS and HEPHAESTUS

Problems during installation

“No destroot found”

caused when installing a port (e.g. libpixman) fails and an error message of “no destroot found” occur. What you need to do is to clean the affected port and try again (example below is for libpixman port)

sudo port clean libpixman


sudo port install xorg-server demeter

Problems after installation

  • After Launching ATHENA and whenever I tried to import data, I got a message saying that I need to install the Encoding:: FixLatin::XS module. So, go to Terminal and type

    sudo port install p5.22-encoding-fixlatin-xs

    At the beginning I could not launch ARTEMIS and I would get the following message in Terminal:

    Can’t locate Heap/Fibobacci...

    So, go to Terminal and type

    sudo port install p5.22-heap
  • No plot window in Athena: the ♦gnuplot→terminal value should be wxt. If no plot window appears, it is because ♦gnuplot→terminal is not wxt. Launch ATHENA, Open Preferences from ATHENA's main menu. Open gnuplot, choose terminal, then set the value to wxt.

    aqua is another terminal choice that may work, although deglitching and the pluck buttons probably won't work with the aqua terminal.

Great help from Macports

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