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These folders contain the LaTeX source for my talks. All talks use LaTeX and the Beamer LaTeX class. All images are included, usually as .png or .jpg files. Source material (e.g. .svg, GIMP .xcf, LibreOffice .odg, Xfig .fig) are deposited for some images and must be converted to PDF, png, or jpg.

See also the XAS Education github page.

PDF files of the talks can be found at SpeakerDeck.

folder title of talk
ATEA Advanced Topics In EXAFS Analysis
Experiment The XAFS Experiment: Instrumentation, Sample Preparation, and Experiment Design
FeS2 The discussion following an Artemis demonstration
i2x Interpreting XANES Data
iiss Introduction to Inner Shell Spectroscopies
methyltin An Artemis example, supplement to a lecture/demo
noxtal Modeling non-crystalline samples
pimst A Practical Introduction to Multiple Scattering Theory
secondlecture An introductory lecture for an XAS short course
selfabs Understanding self-absorption in fluorescence XAS
CLT The central limit theorem and noise in EXAFS data
RT The Ramsauer-Townsend effect in EXAFS analysis


These folders contain the XAS and structural data used in the talks. All these examples can be downloaded from this zip file.

folder contents
Au+Cyanobacteria LCF example using gold(III) chloride reduced to gold metal
Cr2O3 The Cr2O3 data from the CLT talk
Cr standards Cr 3+ and 6+ oxide standards
Cu metal Copper foil at 3 temperatures + crystal data
EuTiO3 Data at several temperatures, Ti K, and Eu L3 edges
Fe foil Iron foil, 3 scans, 60 K, miscalibrated energy
Fe standards An Athena project file + several data files with various Fe standards
FeS2 FeS2 transmission EXAFS + crystal data
Fuzzy Degeneracy Zirconolite data from https://doi.org/10.1107/S1600577514014982
GeSb A single scan of a thin GeSb on silicon, p. 6 ATEA
Germanium Crystalline and amorphous Ge data + crystal data
HgDNA Merged scans of data and control for HgDNA example, p.7 ATEA
Methyltin Monomethyl tin trichloride + dimethyl tin dichloride + structure data
PbTiO3 Ti K edge of PbTiO3 as a peak fitting example
Self Absorption Data demonstrating self-absorption: Fe, Fe73Ga27, sulfate, zirconolite
Uranyl on Biomass Uranyl acetate in equilibrium with biomass
Xtal Crystal structure examples

Other folders

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Recommended reading

The following are some of my favorite papers covering the ins and outs of advanced EXAFS analysis:


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