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X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Using Feff + Larch or Ifeffit.

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Demeter is a comprehensive system for processing and analyzing X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy data.

Demeter is:
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B. Ravel and M. Newville, ATHENA, ARTEMIS, HEPHAESTUS: data analysis for X-ray absorption spectroscopy using IFEFFIT, Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 12, 537–541 (2005) doi:10.1107/S0909049505012719

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Windows Installer & Updater

It's that simple! (Version 0.9.26 is an installer package, there is no updater package for this release and the documentation is included.)

I am no longer building 32-bit versions of the installer package. If you are unable to use the 64 bit installer, ask on the the Ifeffit mailing list and we'll see if something can be worked out.


Macintosh Installation

Carefully follow the Macintosh installation instructions.

Several common problems are discussed in the troubleshooting section.

Please report problems with the MacPorts package to the Ifeffit mailing list. Bruce does not own a Mac and cannot support Mac installation problems.



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