About Artemis

ARTEMIS is the goddess of the hunt, which is an apt metaphor for the chore of data analysis. The name also includes a fallacious pun which works in English and in the Romance languages and which suggests that EXAFS data analysis is more an art than a science.

Temple of Artemis at Jerash, Jordan

Temple of Artemis at Jerash, Jordan. Photo courtesy of Matthew Marcus.

The image at the top of the navigation sidebar is a votive relief from the Archaeological Museum of Brauron in Brauron, Greece. It depicts a family of worshippers sacrificing a goat to the goddess Artemis.

The image used as the icon for the Windows installer package is a statue of a goddess restored as Demeter from the Vatican Museums, Vatican City. It is a Roman copy in marble after a Greek original from ca. 420 BC.

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