Extended discussions

This section is a catch-all for topics of data analysis and the operation of ARTEMIS that simply did not fit in other parts of this users' guide.

Topics related to fitting EXAFS data

Quick first shell theory
An in-depth discussion of how the quick first shell theory tool works, what it is used for, and how it can be misused.

Characteristic values
An explanation of the characteristic value, or CV, Data attribute. This is a tool for building expressive, flexible, and powerful models for multiple data set fitting problems.

Geometric parametrization of bond length
A discussion of parametrizations of bond length.

Modeling the disorder parameter
A discussion of parametrizations of the disorder parameter, σ².

Using constraints and restraints
A discussion of model building in IFEFFIT and ARTEMIS.

Using empirical standards
A discussion of the use of empirical standards is implemented in ARTEMIS.

Topics related to Feff

Unique potentials
The Atoms page offers three ways of styling the potential indeces of the FEFF input data. They are explained by example using crystal data.

The pathfinder and fuzzy degeneracy
An explanation of the pathfinder and of the concept of fuzzy degeneracy.

Handling dopants in Feff calculations
How dopants can be introduced in to FEFF calulations and ARTEMIS fitting models.

To do! Pages are needed explaining: (1) Histograms, (2) background co-refinement (3) constraints and restraints