6.3. Pluck buttons

Almost every text entry box that takes an energy or wavenumber value as its parameter has a little button next to it which is decorated with a small blue X, one of which is highlighted in the figure below. These are the pluck buttons and their purpose is to grab a value directly from the plot. When you click one of these buttons, a message in the echo area prompts you to select a point from the plot, demonstrated in the next figure. When you click on the plot, the x-axis value of the point you clicked on gets inserted in the associated entry box.

Along with the pluck buttons in the main window, several data processing and data analysis tools use pluck buttons, as does the indicator plot options tab.


Fig. 6.9 Using the pluck button for the upper edge of the normalization range.


Fig. 6.10 After clicking on the pluck button, the program waits for you to click on the plot, which shows μ(E) for BaTiO3. Only the x-axis value of the click on the plot is used by the pluck button.


Fig. 6.11 After clicking on the point shown in the previous figure, the value of about 243 is inserted as the value of the upper edge of the normalization range – clearly a better value for that parameter.

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