4.7. The stand-alone Atoms application

ATOMS can be run as a stand-alone application separate from ARTEMIS. On Windows, there is a menu in the Start Menu labeled "Demeter with Strawberry Perl". In that menu is an item labeled "Stand-alone Atoms". Selecting that will start the ATOMS application. By default, no desktop icon is made for the stand-alone version of ATOMS, but you can drag-and-drop a shortcut from the Start Menu to the desktop.

ATOMS can be launched from the command line on any platform. This command will read from a named CIF file and write the output FEFF file to myfeff.inp.

datoms myxtal.cif -o myfeff.inp

You can launch the stand-alone GUI application with

datoms --wx

Fig. 4.14 The stand-alone ATOMS application.

As a stand-alone application, ATOMS is very similar in appearance and functionality to the ATOMS window in ARTEMIS. There are a few small differences:

  1. There is a Configuration tab which contains a tool very similar to ARTEMIS's configuration tool.
  2. The Path-like tab is absent. Without a fitting project on which to drag-and-drop the path-like objects, the content of that tab is not so useful
  3. The stand-alone app has its own menu bar.

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