8. Plotting data

Plot window

You have already been introduced to the basic functionality of the Plot window. In this chapter, all the details of ARTEMIS' plotting system will be explained. While ARTEMIS does not provide all the plotting capabilities offered by real plotting tools like Gnuplot, Origin, Excel, Kaleidagraph, and others, it does provide enough options to create interesting and instructive visualization of your EXAFS fitting project.

Let's briefly go over the basic features of the Plot window. The buttons at the top are used to make plots of data and paths in one of the three spaces. The data listed in the plotting list at the bottom of the Plot window will be included in the plots made with those three buttons.

The part of the complex χ(R) or χ(q) functions is controled by the two sets of radiobuttons at the top of the limits tab. Additional traces – the fit, the window, and so on – can be included by clicking on their check buttons. Finally, the plotting range along the x-axis can be set for each of the three spaces. At the top of the Plot window are a series of radio buttons used to set the k-weighting used in plots. A plot of χ(k) will be weighted by the specified factor of k. Plots of χ(R) or χ(q) will use that valule of k-weighting for the forward Fourier transform.

The kw option for k-weighting will use the user-specified value of k-weight for each data set included in the plot. That value will also be used for any paths associated with that data set.

Please note that the value of k-weight selected for plotting has no bearing on how the fit is performed. The k-weighting specified on the Data window is used to evaluate the fit. Fit evaluation and visualization are different tasks, each with their own value of k-weight.

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