7.3. Using path-like objects

An important feature of ARTEMIS is the ability to make interesting things that are constructed from tools that FEFF provides, but which are not paths in the traditional sense of being strictly associated with one of the feffNNNN.dat files that comes from a normal execution of FEFF.

Some of these path-like objects are directly associated with a particular FEFF calculation. For example, an SSPath created on the Path-like tab on the FEFF window is created directly from the scattering potentials from that FEFF calculation. Similarly, a histogram-based path-like object also uses a particular FEFF calculation.

Other path-like objects either have a hidden relationship with a FEFF calculation or none at all. The path from a quick first shell theory calculation does have a FEFF calculation associated with it, but it is done in a way that the user never interacts with that calculation. The quick first shell path does not have an entry in the FEFF list on the Main window. An empirical standard, as the name implies, is derived from data and therefor is not associated with any FEFF calculation.

Although each of these path-like objects derives from a different place than a typical path, ARTEMIS presents them to the user identically. Each kind of path-like object is displayed using all the same controls as a normal path and each is parametered and used in a fit in the same way.

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