9.12. Copy series

This tool allows you to examine systemic trends in a measurement by varying a single processing parameter over a specified range. The Parameter menu contains many of the parameters on the main window. You give an initial value, an increment, and a number of copies, thus specifying the range over which the parameter is examine.

Clicking the Make series button creates copies of the current data group with the examined parameter set incrementally. The set of copied groups are marked and plotted in the space most appropriate for the examined parameter.

For parameters, line the pre- and post-edge line parameter, which affect the edge step, the average edge step value and its standard deviation are calculated and displayed in the text control that is nortmally disabled.


Fig. 9.35 The copy series tool.


Fig. 9.36 The plot made from the series of «Rbkg» values with the Fe foil data.

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