8.3. Plot Indicators

In DEMETER, an indicator is a vertical line used to mark a specific position on the x-axis. In this example, it is the dotted pink line at 2.067 Å in Fig. 8.7. An indicator for a position in R is not plotted in k or q. An indicator for a position in k or q is not plotted in R. Inidactors for positions in k or q are also plotted in q or k.


Fig. 8.6 The Indicator tab

To set an indicator, click the target button, then leftclick double-click on a point in the current plot. Once set, the position and space can be edited using the associated choice menu and text control. The check button turns the indicator on or off in subsequent plots. The buttons at the bottom toggle the check buttons for each indicator.


Fig. 8.7 Plot with indicator

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